I am an Italian freelance photographer, born in Matera and based in Rome. Usually, I take to the street with my camera: protests, strikes, social demands, popular agitation are my goal.
My work is mainly focused on social and current affairs and driven by the desire to witness events with a collective interest. So, near the street protests there is the politics, with its rallies, its institutional events, and, of course, with the election campaigns.
I also love shooting during concerts, festivals and film première.
I am a contributor of the photo agencies SOPA Images, IMAGO., ZUMA Press and NurPhoto.
My photos have been published by The Economist, The Guardian, Les Echos, The Wall Street Journal, BBC, Der Spiegel, Neue Zürcher Zeitung, Internazionale, la Repubblica, Vanity Fair, Huffington Post,  Politico, Corriere della Sera, Der Standard, The Post, IndieWire, The Sun, Rai, L'Espresso, and by other Italian and international media.

I work with private and corporate events. In the pipeline, a couple of personal projects.

For information, requests, assignments or funny jokes please contact info@vincenzonuzzolese.com
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